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Early Gold Rush American Homes Destroyed!

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The caption pictured here is one of the properties that the Burgess family who arrived in California in 1849, owned in the town of Coloma. The location of this home is truly unknown due to records being destroyed and the manipulation of maps; however it dates back to the mid to late 18th century. State of California officials deemed this home worthless and the cost to preserve it , more than the cost of destroying it. This was an important part of California Gold Rush history; however the owners and descendants of this land were former


Slaves and descendants of American Slaves.

This home was surrounded by orchards which provided a way of living for formerly enslaved families in California, yet it was condemned, the orchards removed and taken by the State for the establishment of the Marshall Gold Discovery Center.

Today there is little to no mention of the Burgess family, their homes or orchards when you visit the park. Thanks to the California Department of Justice and Secretary of State's office, this picture was just recently made available. The African American Gold Rush Association is a non-profit 501c 3 with a mission of preserving and sharing true, inclusive history. Please help us continue to research historical records, acquire artifacts and conserve them for future generations by donating to CA-AARG

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