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CA-AAGRA Launches Fundraiser to Gift Inclusive Gold Rush Children's Book.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

History has many sides, depending on who's telling the story. I come wanting to tell my side of history, the Burgess five generations of history, one never highlighted in books, a history completely invisible until now.

You might be thinking this is a preface for another history lesson about the same ole topics. After all, African American history has been painted in such a dim light with few victories, a lack of highlighted heroes and nothing to expand on but sadness and strife.

Before I journey into rewriting history, let me properly introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Burgess, the fifth generation of the Burgess family, and I am thrilled to introduce the "Gold Rush Burgess Descendants" a children's book aimed to share victories of our brilliant, resilient ancestors. You see, much of our history was hidden, destroyed and covered up hoped to never be resurrected. However our history consist of gold mines, owning land, creativity, and strength, and I look forward to providing original deeds, maps and the actual location my grandfather and great-great grandfather stood in, such as the Emmanuel Church and family history dating back to the 1800s. Join me in adding the California Burgess Family Fifth Generations to America's History Books.

Visit AMAZON to order your paper back copy and kindle version. Hardback books will be available soon though Ingraham Sparks

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