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There is a need for a more inclusive California Gold Rush representation of history, that is where our nonprofit plans to focus its efforts.  We formed the organization to provide a more accurate history that takes into account family records and oral narratives that were passed down from generations.  Our laws, culture, and teachings all play a role in why oral narratives are so valuable, as we interpret and present history that includes Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC).

The California African American Gold Rush Association (CA-AAGR) is a

Nonprofit 501c (3) California Corporation Tax ID #86-2737587.

"We believe America is ready to have an inclusive history that is capable of uniting our nation, to be shared with the world."

Our Mission

Our Mission

To fund and operate a public museum, that employs qualified staff that will preserve, interpret, expand, and share contributions of African American (AA) pioneers history in the United States, during and after the Gold Rush of 1849; to combat systemic institutional racism that has been misplaced on African Americans. 


Our goal is to reunite direct descendants of pioneers with their family roots when possible, with the assistance of our research and genealogy partners.  

To bring awareness to all AA contributions and achievements during and after the gold rush in a facility open to the public that is located in a historic part of Sacramento, California’s State Capitol, in an embracive manor.


African American Gold Rush Logo

Pictured below is Jonathan Burgess a 5th generation descendant of California Gold Rush Pioneer Rufus Burgess.

Jonathan Burgess

Our Vision

To share inclusive true stories from our past, and to highlight BIPOC contributors in our current day.

We desire to see unity in our nation by sharing historical and current events that value the efforts of humanity towards all Americans.  


We want our visitors to enjoy some of the best food in the region when they visit the AAGR restaurant  named The House of Burgess's, which pays homage to our family's legacy.

We Need Your Support Today!

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